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1 mars 2021 - Plus d'informations

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Located in Dunham at nearly 300 meters above sea level, Le Vignoble du Ruisseau Inc. makes its mark into the world’s winery field thanks to its patented technology. An unusual and ingenious way to grow vinifera grape varieties in a cold climate. This world first aims to heat, thanks to geothermy, the plants during the cold season.
Covered bridge, vaulted barrel wine warehouse, two-leveled fermentation cellar, tasting room, shop showcasing more than fifty of our land’s products, embers bistro, new-style sugar shack, state-of-the-art still, everything is put forward to welcome epicureans from the most curious all the way to the great wine lovers.

Grape Variety

Only planted in vitis vinifera, Le Vignoble du Ruisseau stands out thanks to its 7.5 hectares of vines exclusively in quality variety cultivation with the exception of a few rustic ones for our distillation and Vidal to complete our portfolio with an ice wine.


The most planted on the estate, this makes it our favorite vinifera for our white vin de garde, our sparkling wines and some white thirst-quenchers.


Grown in small production, this one is designated as a dry white and full of character wine in our portfolio.


Also planted on a small scale, we like working with it as much as a late vine harvest than as a dry gastronomic white wine.


Offered in a blended wine with our Cabernet Sauvignon, we will also work with it on its own in future vintages.

Pinot noir

Our favorite red grape variety for our vins de garde. Elegant and fine, it allows us a range of tankages


Cultivated in order to elaborate our only assembly wine. This one makes our red the strongest.

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Also, an artisanal distiller, thanks to our over 1000-liter still, we transform our maple syrup, grape pomace and wine into various alcohols. Spicy maple, neutral and even matured in barrels brandy, including brandy made from pomace from our Chardonnay, Riesling or even Gewurztraminer, and let’s not forget our wine brandies which, in a not so distant future, will see light of day on our shelves after several years of aging in barrels.
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Sugar Bush

A vineyard yes, but also a sugar bush with more than 15 000 certified organic taps. A new kind of sugar shack under the theme of the revisited 3 and 6-service meal is also offered during the months of March and April. More than fifty derived products, all concocted on site by our chefs and offered in our shop.