Who we are
It started with a dream, a common passion for wine among our family members. A father and mother, former chartered accountants, who have had success for more than 30 years in the construction industry. A girl with, behind her, a little bit of art, a little bit of service, a little wine stewardship but mostly, a lot of passion to be a winemaker; and her partner, a former plumber converted to a cellar master. A united family, motley in its knowledge and self-taught, which makes us lovers of our profession, our dream, our adventure. This story is simply the passion for good wine and good food!
Our Philosophy
We enjoy surrounding ourselves with key people: consultants and experts in the various sectors of our business, oenology, distillation, agronomy and more. Which makes our team a strong and creative structure.
Our vision is to leave our mark on viticulture and wine tourism in Quebec. To achieve this, we rely on our technology, our know-how, our passion and of course, the transmission of knowledge of the vineyard from generation to generation!