Le Vignoble du Ruisseau – Distillerie & Cidrerie



It began with a dream and a shared passion for wine among our family members. A father and mother who were both former certified public accountants and had been successful for over 30 years in the construction business. A daughter who has a little bit of art, a little bit of service, a little bit of sommelier but mostly a lot of passion for being the winemaker. Her spouse, an ex-plumber converted into a production manager. A united family, heterogeneous in its knowledge and self-taught, which makes us lovers of our profession, our dream, our adventure. This story is simply the passion for good wine and good food! We work to transmit this heritage from generation to generation.



Although agricultural and chemical aspects are involved, growing grapes and making wine is an art. The term "reasoned" best describes the way we cultivate our 7.5 hectares of shale soil.

The harvest, this key moment in a vineyard, is done with great care. Our manual harvesting allows us to select the bunches with the right maturity, thus ensuring the quality of the grapes picked. A traditional know-how with state of the art facilities defines our way of working.



Unusually, our vines are maintained at a temperature of -10°C during the cold season thanks to geothermal energy. This technology also allows us to protect our vines from late winter frosts and to extend the growing season. The use of this renewable energy to heat the vines is a unique idea and the result of a lot of work, imagination and folly on the part of our team. This patented world first consists in drawing energy from the soil to heat the berries.



We are always striving to improve our way of doing things: the energy used to heat our winery, our vats, our cellars and all our air conditioning needs is obtained through geothermal energy. Using energy from the ground through geothermal energy minimizes our environmental footprint. All of our wastewater, including that from the production of our products, is treated before being disposed of by infiltration into the ground. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and even our glass bottles are made from 85% recycled glass.

We recycle and compost in all departments including the kitchen and dining room. We have several gardens, under the concept of organic agriculture, in order to develop products for the store or our menus.  We have implemented a paperless environment for our offices. We value local purchasing and partnerships with nearby producers. There is always room for improvement, the future will only be greener in the way we operate. The main idea is to pass on to future generations an example and a healthy agricultural business!