Although the agricultural and chemical aspects are taken into account, the cultivation of the vine and the elaboration of the wine remain an art. In our vine plots, work is done manually, this allows us to obtain better quality grapes for our future harvest. The term reasoned is what best describes how we cultivate our 7.5 hectares of shale land. The vine harvest, that key moment in a vineyard, is done with great care. Our manual and selective vine harvest allows us to select the bunch of grapes with good maturity thus ensuring the quality of the grapes picked for the production of superior-quality wines. We go through the vines several times to select the bunches and then there is a second sorting on the vibrating table before the transition to fermentation. Traditional know-how with state-of-the-art facilities is what best defines how we work.

Time is of the essence in wine-making, making our Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grown in French oak barrels, our pride. Our vaulted cellars with controlled temperature and humidity are the perfect representation of the tradition. Our two-leveled fermentation cellar and our thermoregulated vats allow for the production of our Rieslings, Gewurztraminers and other wines on fruit, it is the perfect image of the times. We must not forget the notion that even if there is a very noble side to wine, it always starts with agriculture: no grapes, no wine!


The most planted on the estate, this makes it our favorite Vinifera for our white wines, our sparkling wines and some thirsty whites.


Grown in small production, this one is designated as a dry white wine of character in our portfolio.


Also planted on a small scale, we like to work it as much in late harvest as in dry white wine of gastronomy.


Offered as a blend with our Cabernet-Sauvignon, it will also be worked alone in future vintages.

Pinot noir

Our favourite grape variety for our wines for aging. Elegant and fine, it allows us a wide range of vintages.


Cultivated in order to elaborate our only blended wine. This makes it our most powerful red.


Unusual, our vines are maintained at a temperature of -10 ° C during the cold season thanks to geothermy. This technology also allows us to protect our vines from late winter frosts from April to June and lengthen the vines’ vegetative season. The use of this renewable energy to heat the vines is a unique idea and the result of a lot of work, imagination and madness from our team. This principle which consists of drawing energy from the soil to heat the small fruits is under international patent.


We are always keen to improve our way of doing things, and we are happy with the elements we have already put in place: the energy used to heat our wine warehouse, our vats, our cellars and all our air conditioning needs, is achieved through geothermy.

Using the soil’s energy through geothermy minimizes our fossil energy footprint. All of our wastewater, including that of our product development, is treated before being disposed of through soil infiltration. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and even our glass bottles are made of 85% recycled glass.

We recycle and compost in all departments including the kitchen and the dining room. We have a 40,000 square foot garden, under the concept of organic farming, to source fresh and local ingredients to develop products for the shop or for the development of our menus during our events.

We advocate paperless environment for our offices, which we have put in place! There is always room for improvement, the future will only be greener with the way we operate. The main idea being to transmit an example and a healthy agricultural business to future generations!